Art Fair Booth Rental

 Sample booth setup, using 7 of the 9 panels.

Doing an art fair in the San Francisco Bay Area? We can provide many of the pieces you need to create an effective, 10'x10' professional booth, including a set of Pro Panel booth walls and accessories, tent, card table and low chair. Call for specific details and availability, you are responsible for pick-up and delivery of the materials to my location in San Jose. Each of the nine panels are individually about 84" high and a bit under 40" wide, and are carpeted on both sides in a charcoal grey. The snapshot at right shows a booth constructed with seven of the nine panels.

Pro Panel rental: $125 (+California sales tax) per weekend. This price includes nine panels, the various velcro strips, attachments, and stabilizing rods necessary to build a standard booth, drapery hooks for hanging art, the tent/canopy.  Cash or check accepted at time of pickup for the rental, alternatively, I accept payments via PayPal (ask me for the correct address to use) and by credit card here. Please don't make payment until you have a confirmed reservation.

Important policies:

  • Your reservation is a commitment to renting the equipment, I will be turning down other rentals if you've made a reservation.
  • I can not accept cancellations for shows you're not certain you'll be showing in.
  • You are responsible for the rental payment even if you don't show.
  • Make sure you have a reservation on my calendar. I'll be happy to answer questions about availability, but unfortunately I can not "hold" a spot through an application process.
  • Weekend rentals are Thursday through Tuesday.  If you're renting for consecutive weekends you can hold them through the intermediate weekend.
  • Pickup/drop-off is by mutual arrangement, I can usually manage quite a bit of flexibility. Check in with me about two weeks prior to your reservation.
  • Unfortunately, I am unable to offer discounts for partial rentals.


Frequently asked questions:

How big are the panels?  Each is 84" tall (including the legs and posts above the carpeted panel), and just under 40" wide, and each is a couple inches thick. In terms of transporting the panels, usually the length and/or width of the panels is going to turn out to be the problem if anything. The canopy and other equipment are smaller.

How heavy are they?   Around 14 pounds each, generally people have no trouble moving one panel around at a time, and some people find two or three at a time easier. The canopy is heavier, but comes in a rolling case. 

Do I need help to set this up?  The equipment is easy to learn to use, and for the most part can be easily set up by one person, particularly if they're able to reach the top of the panels. One exception--while putting up the canopy legs, it is very helpful to have the momentary assistance of another person while preventing it tipping over. I've set it up myself, but asking a neighbor for a few seconds help will get you over the hardest part of the process more easily.

Some additional questions may be answered at the manufacturer's FAQ.