Eastern Sierra Workshop - Lodging Notes

PLEASE make reservations early, particularly for the first and last nights.  


Night of October 12 - Lone Pine, California

Night of October 13-14 - Bishop, California

Night of October 15 - Lee Vining, California

Lee Vining

The two most servicable options are Murphey's and the LakeView. For those of you who have been to Lee Vining, the LakeView used to be a Best Western property, it's changed hands.


This will be the place where you have the most choices, even if I list fewer--Bishop has around 5000 people and a good range of motels.  I will be at the Best Western Creekside, which is probably one of the nicer properties in town. Mountain Light, the gallery of Galen and Barbara Rowell's work, is still in town and giving workshops, and has an extensive list of hotels and motels in the area.

Lone Pine

I've stayed three places in town, the Dow Villa, the Comfort Inn, and the Best Western Frontier. The Comfort Inn is the newest of the three, if I recall correctly, but they're all, so far as I remember, serviceable and better.