At PhotoCentral

PhotoCentral, part of the Hayward Area Recreation District, is America's longest-running community-based photography program, is an amazing resource located in Hayward, California.

To register for my classes and workshops at PhotoCentral, please see their web site here, but please note that you will need to contact them first at 510-881-6700 during business hours to create an account. Alternatively, you can print and mail or fax a registration form, many people find this option easier.

The Camera Sequence, PhotoCentral's introductory "learning to use your DSLR or other adjustable digital camera" is offered most quarters:

Camera I: Cameras and Lenses

Learn how to use your fully-adjustable camera. We cover the fundamentals of digital and traditional cameras to make great pictures. We'll explain exposure, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and how they interact to allow you the flexibility to make great images. Additional topics include camera selection, film and digital choices, lens choices, basic flash and filters. 

Camera II: Beyond the Basics

Add to your photographic toolbox by learning more about your camera. How do exposure controls and your lens selection impact the way your photos look? Dig deeper into the basics of composition and form as well. One evening will be spent in the field exploring the magic of night photography. 

Camera III: The Photographer's Eye

Connect the craft of using a camera to making great pictures! Expand your understanding while learning artistic fundamentals. Define what makes a good picture and discover the power of composition. Focus on getting the pictures out of your camera and into print (or the web). Whether you want to print them directly at a retail store or apply the tools available in post-processing, we will help you make a decision then move along the proper path. 

Independent Learning

Have a particular technique or location you'd like some assistance with? Do you learn better in one-on-one learning situations? I'm happy to work with you to fulfill your photographic goals.

Whether it's learning to master shooting modes, aperture, shutter speed, and other camera controls, discovering the ways in which the qualities of light impact the best way to photograph a scene, or detailed technical assistance with photo editing software such as Adobe Lightroom, I'm available to work with you.

Contact me for details. Gift certificates are available, they make great gifts for budding photographers!

The Sunday Photo Group

Gather with fellow photographers to share work and ideas in the New PhotoCentral Sunday Photo Group. This free event is a chance to share your photographs, experiences and build community with fellow photographers. Drop me an email to get on the list and join this informal but highly informative gathering. Participants who wish to share photographs for discussion should bring 5-10 prints or a similar number of digital images on a thumb drive. Sessions will typically be the last Sunday of the month, 1-4pm at PhotoCentral, but may vary due to holidays or other necessity.