Big Ice

One of the things I often struggle with in my polar work is capturing the sheer magnitude of the landscape there, and the awe it creates within me. While this capture likely won't be a final portfolio image of my polar work, it does get at (perhaps too directly) a bit of that sense that one is a nearly insignificant creature in something much greater.

Here, another Zodiac of photographers helps provide a needed sense of scale, at a modest risk to their personal safety.

If you're not familiar with icebergs you may be wondering why that tower of ice is standing... it's actually part of a much larger set of ice, connected to the icebergs in back of it by areas of ice which are entirely underwater. You can make some of that underwater ice in the brighter green color near the tower.

You'll almost certainly need to click-through to see the whole image if you're reading this from Facebook or other social media that crop images willy-nilly.


Ice Abstract

Hues, shapes and textures all combine in this unexpected extraction from the back side of a stranded, sunlit iceberg near Antarctica. I'm not entirely sure why there was a hint of red to purple in the blues here, but they were there in the moment, and part of what attracted me to this scene.