Comments on the Squarespace 5->7 transition

So, as many of you have noticed, a few weeks ago I did a complete revamp of the web site, and part of that was because I wanted to upgrade from SquareSpace 5 (or was it 4?)  to version 7.  I  knew it would take a rewrite, and I wanted to do it, but it was going to be a fairly big job. In any case, am I happy I did it?  Yeah.

The main things I've noticed:

  • Now my plan has e-commerce in it, which I hadn't used before, and has been great for the few sales of eBooks I've done, everything worked the first time, including payment processing via Stripe.
  • Available template styles are just different, but feel cleaner, I didn't do a whole lot of mods on this or another site I updated for a painter client
  • Uploading and WYSIWIG blog post editing work more reliably
  • WYSIWYG blog post editing is cleaner 
  • Like and share on blog posts is a nice increment
  • Ask me down the road if I get much comment spam, I've only seen one attempt so far
  • Being able to auto-share out to Twitter and Facebook is a real benefit, I wish they could do that for G+ as well. 
  • Documentation for the internals of the templates is weak, but part of the problem is that I'm not very CSS savvy
  • Technical support for the switchover was first-rate

I know many of you will understandably cringe at any non-roll-your-own solution, but I think this is a great fit for my needs with respect to maintainability, security, design, and features.