Throwback Thursday: Yosemite Falls Detail, 2005

Nothing like a good classic black and white look, for Throwback Thursday, eh?

This detail of Yosemite Falls and a few surrounding trees was taken largely from the main path from the falls, which, as you may know from personal experience, can be a busy, and crowded area. It's no secret that I tend to prefer shooting in quieter environments, finding peace in the solitude of wilderness. But even when I don't have the pleasure of that sort of quiet, there is a mental quiet that comes from finding a composition I'm happy with despite the distractions around me. And so it was on this cloudy day in late 2005.

This image is a reminder (to you and me both!) to note ignore the value of your telephoto lenses when working in nature. I know that wide-angle is the "go to" focal length range for most nature photographers, but remember that not every interesting scene needs to have a close foreground, to have depth and dimensionality.(Alternatively, you can embrace the flattening as an abstraction tool.) 

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